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    Ken W3XAF's photos/bio at

    Al K3OF's Model Train Photos* (Added June 2011)

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    Elf N2OK's Creation "Maybelline" (Added May 2013)

    Stan K3DRP's QTH Photos

    Howard KB1ENC Photos

    79'rs Shack, etc. Photos 1

    79'rs Shack, etc. Photos 2

    79'rs Shack, etc. Photos 3

    Arnie KV2F's Shack Photos

    Murray VE9MW and his Boat

    Rich K8UV's Photos: B-17, etc.

    The Patrick Gerard 1971

    K3OF's (formerly K3VRS) Train Layout, etc.

    Albany 2002

    USS Slater 2002

    Honesdale 2004

    Utica 2005

    Utica 2008

    Utica 2011 (Added March 2013)

    Honesdale 2007 1

    Honesdale 2007 2

    Honesdale 2007 - K3DRP's Photos

    Honesdale 2009 (Added January 2011)

    Honesdale 2010 (Added January 2011)

    Honesdale 2012 (Added March 2013)

    Honesdale 2014 (Added May 2014) - Courtesy of Joe, WB3ZQJ - More to Come!


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Ham Radio Cartoon - compliments of Al K3OF


PHOTOS page - check out "Maybelline" - Elf N2OK's made from scratch Creation!


Another Great 79Net Annual Get-together @ The Alpine

Saturday, May 4, 2013 ~ 23 Attended - Photos coming soon!


PHOTOS page - check out the '07, '09, '10 and '12 Alpine Get-togethers!


Enjoy a great story - 12 chapters detailing Norm WB2SYQ's Collins Broadcast transmitter Saga

as told by Paul K2ORC - and great photos, too! CLICK HERE


CLICK HERE to View Bill VE9WW's telegraph key collection!


Ed K2OHK's "Classic, if not antique" (in Ed's words) boat . . . anchors, of a sort!

    British Seagull Motors dating to 1938 , maybe 1931:  

"They were manufactured without basic change through the 70's. Originally, they were built to be used by people in what was left of the old British Empire who had little knowledge of engines and required something reliable. Legend goes that the British Navy ordered 10,000 of them for D-Day. Can't imagine what they were used for unless they were pushing barges. At any rate a lot of them went to the bottom. French fishermen picked some of them up and they are supposedly still running today. I do know that a good dunking in salt water will not kill a Seagull. They say that three days on the bottom will not hurt a Seagull anymore than a flounder. They run on a very rich oil mixture and have bronze bushings. Notice the 11 inch propeller with 5 blades - also the large 4:1 ratio lower unit. The whole thing is like a truck running in 1st gear. All push, no speed. Ideal for a displacement hull sailboat . They became very popular in the 50's through the 70's with the sailboat guys. You don't see them anymore. They are an environmental nightmare. They are oily, smokey and noisy. I have two of these - one through the help of Jay K2QNU, who knew where there was one for sale. I have had to make some parts myself, but now a firm in England has bought the name and, although they don't have a factory themselves, they manage to get parts manufactured and keep up a parts inventory. They have an importer here in the U.S. Seems there are other collectors. My motors do not just lay around. I try to use them as much as possible. They could probably benefit from more hard work."

. . . de Ed K2OHK

Duane K2DLT says:

"Hello and Reports of My Demise are Greatly Exaggerated!"

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Photos - 79 Net Fall 2012 Luncheon

Babe's Restaurant - Utica, NY - 9/15/12

(Added September 2012)

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Goshen CT Fair - Labor Day Weekend 2012


(Added September 2012)

Left to Right:
1. Frank AB2ZO, with Woody KB2SMZ and Ed N2JBA of the Southern Berkshire Amateur Radio Club (SBARC - W1BAA).
2. SBARC's booth at the fair. Frank W1LCR put up the HF antenna they were using.
3, 4 and 5. Fairground Photos
6. Frank AB2ZO and Frank W1LCR

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New Train layout Photos from Al K3OF

(Added August 2012)

Left to Right:  
1. Busy Tuxedo Station 2. New waterfront detail showing car float
3. Icing Platform for refrigerator cars 4. MP54 coaches and Catanary detail
5. Hobo camp 6. Other side of Hobo Camp (exit to hallway loop)

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Photos from Glenn KF2LU - New 40' Tower

(Added August 2012)

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Earl W3SQE and Monica W8MJT visiting with Walt W2DES

(Added July 2012)

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K3DRP on YouTube

"Doing it Stansway!"

(Added November 2011)







"Real Radios Glow In The Dark"


Ed K2OHK's Homebrew Amplifiers


(Added November 2011)


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A very young Bob K3TBQ (right rear in 2nd photo)


(Added November 2011)


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Al K3OF Model Train Photos Slide Show (Added June 2011)






Pictured with Al is his friend Larry's (K3PEG) grandson, TJ.


Al's model train layouts are of the Pennsylvania Railroad (upstairs)


 and the Lehigh Valley and Jersey Central (downstairs).


 The photos were taken in March 2011 by Larry K3PEG.






Howard KB1ENC checking-in from his new QTH in Mt. Holly, SC



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He can hear us (180' longwire), but hasn't been able to raise us yet!